2006 WR450 restoration ideas

I'm tearing into my 06 WR450 this weekend. Have you used Race Day Performance? They are about 15 min east of me. I have stock suspension with a yamalink and correct rear spring but thinking correct valving and fork springs would be nice. also curious what are the jets in your carb?

RDP has not responded to my email and I have not made a lot of effort to call them. I decided to buy race tech gold valves and install myself and just have someone add nitrogen when I am done.

I have new wheel bearings, swingarm bearings, pivot bearings and head tube bearings coming.

As for jetting, I don't remember what is in there now, but I do know that I am very happy with where it is at for 9000' and up.

Also, performance upgrades on power are not necessary for what I need. Bike has enough power to get me into trouble as it is. Maybe after some seat time with my fresh top end and new suspension i will change my mind. I have about everything I need for parts, now just need to get the powder coating done and I can start the installation process. I will say this, the white plastics with retro graphics are unbelievable.

I also decided to do my own suspension with racetech stuff :bonk: at least the forks for now. White plactics would look sweet, get some pics up!

MY '06 ran better with a yz needle, quick shot cover and a different leak jet,.:bonk:

teaser pictures as promised

original piston from 5-1/2 years of abuse, still looks pretty good and just barely out of tolerance on the skirt



Frame, hubs, rims all sandblasted and now off at the powder coater. they are charging me $275 to do it all, including a phosphorous bath before coating AND taping off every hole including all threaded holes so I should have zero re-work to rebuild. Also clear coating after powder coating. Really impressed with the amount of work they are doing for me.





shroud graphics on white plastics. Had to scrub my natural tank quite a bit to get the yellow off and close to "natural" again.


New gold valve and shim stack on the shock


waiting on front .50 springs to arrive so i can rebuild the forks


frame and hubs should be back mid next week, top end is coming today so i can close up the engine portion this weekend. Waiting on shock seal head. Goal is to have wheels laced by next weekend and most of the bike back together.

You doing lacing and truing?

I just got my new Excel rim and spoke kit in today. Going to give it a shot doing it myself.

Also what do the new tank graphics look like?

I am in fact lacing and truing my own stuff. Many years ago I was building custom road bicycles and have not laced and trued since about 1990 so it'll be a refresher course for me. I bought a tusk truing stand for about $60 online, if you don't have one and can't send it to a shop to have them true and balance not a bad way to go unless you make a jig out of 2x4's. The tank graphics are an extension of the shroud design, once I get things back together a little more I will snap some shots. Rear fender is mounted up to the sub-frame and my 13:1 piston kit showed up about an hour ago. Tomorrow is a day with the kids, but Sunday afternoon i am gong for it with the engine work. Gotta go, the brown truck just pulled up to the house.....

You doing lacing and truing?

I just got my new Excel rim and spoke kit in today. Going to give it a shot doing it myself.

take good measurements of your offset and spoke direction (inner and outer direction, and which side is "pull" and which is not) If you have not laced before, take a good picture or 3 of the original setup and use as a reference. :smirk:

so I need to repost the pics lost before the conversion.....

mocked up the subframe/seat/tank


frame back from powder caoting, started putting everything back together


Pretty sure I am losing the yellow race tech stickers


Powder caoting came out PERFECT on everything. Thanks again to Complete Powder Coat and Paint in Denver



Going to paint the headlight shroud with Krylon Fuzion gloss white


Love how the wheels came out, and the pro-wheel spoke kit is top quality.




New Garmin 610 Rino and ram Mount


Top end, timing chain, and all new suspension care of race tech. can't wait toi go ride it, first ride is not going to be for a while still as we are covered in snow.

Looks awesome! Mine is close too... Maybe IMI will dry up enough by next weekend. Did you try the Racetech stickers on the forks?

now go scratch the crap out off it with a big grin!

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