linkage maintenance

I just cleaned and greased my linkage for the first time last night (about 10-15 hours on the bike). Good thing I did, one of the dust seals where the linkage attaches to the swing arm was all folded up on one side. Has anyone else had this happen (I'm wondering if it left the factory like this)?

Anyway, there has got to be a better way to do this! Do you guys have any tips? Does anyone tear it down, put it in a bucket of solvent to clean it and then regrease and reassemble? Will this hurth the aluminum or rubber parts?


Sounds like that seal was dry and was in a bind that caused it to fold up like that. Yamaha is notorious for under greasing these areas from the factory. I'm very glad now that I tore the bike down as soon as I got it home and carefully greased and torqued everything before riding it. Mineral spirits would probably be the best choice for doing a thorough cleaning before regreasing and reassembling. Just take your time and wipe everything down with clean rags after using the spirits. If you don't, you'll get that spooging grease that will make a mess and you won't get maximum lubrication protection.

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