05 YZ450F GYTR Big Bore Kit on an 06 YZ450F?

I picked up an 06 YZ450F real cheap and from a different party I picked up an almost new GYTR big bore kit for an 05 YZ450F. The later party bought it for his 05 and it was too much for him so he reinstalled the stocker and then sold the 05 but forgot about the big bore kit so he gave it to me. I am wondering if that 05 big bore kit will fit an 06 and if not can it be machined to fit?


Nope, completely different engines. That kit will only fit the 03-05 engine.

Sell it (or give it to me haha) and buy one off ebay. They really aren't too pricey. :bonk:

The cylinder IS different but the piston will work with your stock cylinder if you have it bored/plated to fit. You'd need a different big-bore head gasket as well.

Thanks guys - I got the 06 real cheap. I also have an 03 that has been upgraded with 05 suspension and lots of personalized stuff. I actually have 2 big bore kits - a new Athena and this slightly used GYTR - which I think is also Athena but not completely sure. So I may look for someone with an 05 that wants to trade for my 06 - want to setup 1 for Baja and 1 for MX.

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