How tight do you tighten your rim locks?

I just changed the rear tire on my '07 WR450. Not sure how tight I need to make the rim locks. I looked in the manual and that is the only torque setting that's not in there anywhere I could find.

Obvisously I want them tight enough where the tire don't slip on the rim but I'm worried about over tightening them. They are made of what looks to be cast aluminum and I'm afraid that if I go too tight the bolt will break right out of the center of them.

So, how tight should I go with 'em?

Not too tight, just very snug. That's what I have always done and never had one slip. I think you have two on the rear wheel like mine which is overkill anyway IMO.

Yep just snug them down. I cut a wrench in half just for rim locks when Im in a hurry on race day. Shortening the wrench took all the leverage out of it and made it so I can only snug them down. Overtightening will eventually wollow out the holes.

The right way is snug them down,ride it than re snug them down/

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