A word from Bryan...

Attention all you ThumperTalkers!

I'm sure you've noticed I haven't been around much lately and haven't been keeping up the site as much as we'd all like. Here is my formal post of apology.

The truth is that I'm going through some life challenges that take much of my time and most of my energy. For starters, the big 'D' is imminent in my life. So I have to take much of my extra time to be sure my kids don't suffer through the painful but necessary transition. Second, my 5 year old contract is ending here in Denver and I'm actively seeking new employment as the end of the year approaches. This in addition to the recent passing of my 40'th birthday has made this a fall to remember.

Now before you start to feel sorry for me, keep in mind that I'm the kind of guy that counts all his assets and appreciates them. I know I'm in control of my life and take the credit and blame for that responsibility (yes I'm a republican not a whiney ass democrat that blames others for my problems). This has been a time of stress but I'm convinced it is short lived and I will be back on the right track in the coming months.

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to keep up TTalk, post pictures, add new bikes to the list etc. TTalk has taken a back door to my other daily doings. TTalk is reaching the limit of my ISP's space, file allocation and daily throughput so I'm struggling with decisions on it's future also. If I had the time, TTalk could be awesome and provide much more than it does. But remember, I am the sole time and financial contributor and I can only do so much.

I'd at least like to keep the existing forums up and running, add WR426 to the existing WR400 forum, add a WR/YZ250 forum and KTM400/520 forum, although these new forums would be pretty basic.

If anyone out there could provide help with creating some cgi scripts to automate picture posting, that would be a huge help too. That was my goal this fall that just didn't happen.

Right now my blue bike sits at the Jakesters just as it has since the awesome TTalk weekend in October. I haven't seen her in months. However, in the next month or so I hope to retrieve it and find it a new home (garage or storage unit) where I can work on it, change it's oil, lube it's rear, and ride it at a local motocross track. What better way to relieve life’s little bumps in the road?

So thanks all for being patient and happy holidays,




Where do I send money, if that will help keep the site running. And I have know idea what your asking for, as far as help. But I have a computing machine and will do anything I can. Does this mean I can have Administrator added to my title?

You know we're all here for ya! Drop me a Email sometime! I miss our little chats :)


PS due to job and family related stuff, I haven't ridden since June, but that doesn't mean I haven't spent time in the saddle!


86TT225, 98CR80, 99WR, WR timing, throttle stop trimmed, air box lid removed, White Bros head pipe, silencer and air filter. Odometer and headlight removed. Moose hand and mud guards. YZ stock tank and IMS seat. Renthal Jimmy Button "highs" and Renthal Soft half waffle grips. AMA, SETRA.

hey Bryan- sorry to hear the news about the Divorce, etc... Maybe if you get a break between your next gig you can load up the WR and come down to Arizona for a long weekend. We can show you some great mountain singletrack down here guaranteed to put a smile on your face. In the meantime, take care of those kids--you do have your priorities in the right place. One of the few things better than riding is being Dad. azbrown.

I second Bill's notion, how can we help? I may be able to obtain a large amount of free "personal use" web space at work. Bryan, email me at mcarpent@uu.net sometime to discuss. I think we can make something work...

Hey Bryan,

You have finally come out of the closet... :) I cannot imagine wehat you are going through, but you seem to have it all under control. I am sorry I did not make it in October, but you know you can count on me.

What ever you need old friend. You name it and I will cross to your end of the world and help out.

See you soon


No better stress reliever than taking the bike out for a ride and concentrating on a trail or line. Helps me alot when the pressure is bearing down. I'm not much help computer wise but I would certainly like to help the site out financially if you will let us. Combine the sites if need be, it's all about thumpers.


99 WR400




Dear Bryan, I was only saying to 'Mitch from Oz' the month just gone that if Yamaha were as half as commited to us as we are to them they would send some sort of support your way for I think it would be an opportunity to up the stakes in customer service. It is impossible to get this level of information and feedback from any dealer, so if anyone reads this from Yamaha Japan you know what to do! For it would be a momentous loss for this web site to fall over.

On a personal note Bryan I think I know what your going through and I must say that you seem to carring yourself with great composure and have put everything into the right perspective.



Not knowing much about the internet... this brings up a question I have been wanting to ask.

Bryan sounds like he is busy... so maybe one of you can answer this.

How much money does it cost a "webmaster" like Bryan who is the 'sole $ provider' for a site like this?

What kind of things does he have to pay for?

And how much do those things cost?

Just curious.


Thanks for sharing that with us. Hope things work out for the better. This site is a great source of sharing information and entertainment.


James Dean

bryan.... I happen to be sitting on a t-1 (frac) thats getting very little usage..... if you need somewhere to move the site.... you can email me at garcou@hotmail.com... hope things work out well for you!!


Bryan- I remember you mentioned the Big D when we were in Colorado. Sorry to hear its happening, must be really hard. If you want to spend some time in the city of angels you know where I'm at.

As far as money goes, I can only repeat Bill's words "Where do I send the money". I don't know much about the mechanics of websites but if I can help in some way I would be willing to try.

Best regards. Stay in touch.


damn, although I'm not a regular contributer to this forum, I owe a huge thanks to the folks on this board. Without the willingness of the experts in here to help us 'newbies' I'd still be in some puddle trying to kick over the blue beast (carb vent problem!)

So, that said, how can I help? I am familiar with web stuff (like mcarp)and can offer a bunch of help. As well, I have no issue with phoning Yamaha Canada and giving them the opportunity to contribute. Just tell us what it will take and I'm sure we'll beat the funding problem with enough left over for a few beers while administering the site. :)

As for you personal grief, damn, it's a dark time when the big D rears it's ugly head. I believe you have your priorities in the right place and although it may look bleak at times, remember that 'we' are a bunch of right-thinking-people that can and will help if you feel like asking. Just don't forget to ask. :D It's not like any of us have an opinion....



I would also like to add my 2 pennies, as I am also new to this site, and have read enough info on this site in the past 2 weeks than I could ever get from a dealer or a magazine. Let us all know If we "can contribute to the cause"

Hope your situation works out and both of you can get on with your lives.





Sorry to hear about your current troubles, but you have the right attitude. Keep your head up and everything will work out for the best!

Maybe ThumperTalk needs to go comercial and get some sponsors to help with the financial burden of running the site. Have you given this any thought? Some of us might be able to do some recuiting.

Be sure and get that blue bike out of storage. I know my Thumper has saved me from going postal on numerous occations. It is hard to think about life's unpleasant turns when your roosting down some sweet single track....

Best Regards,


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Hey Bryan, I would like to add a BIG THANK-YOU for starting this site and keeping it going. And I am sure that everybody is also very thankful. I too bought my WR because of this site (actually older forum). So best of luck in your upcoming endeavors and rest assured that you have many new friends to help you out if you need! :)

PS. Get out there and rail a phat burm for us!

I am a computer moron, but am willing to donate $$ or help however I can. To many good guy's batteling the Big D latley. I am not married, but have been through a few ugly D's. I have learned a lot from these friends. I have set up a priority list to help me stay away from the alter.

In priority order:

1. Wakeboarding

2. Roosting

3. Skiing

4. Cody, my golden retreiver

5. Girlfriend

1 through 4 are real close.

Good Luck Bryan


I felt sick when reading your post. I went back to the very first time my childrens mother picked them up from my "new" home. I'm not affraid to say I cryed like a baby. God I don't wish that feeling on anyone.

If I could offer alittle advise. The only, I mean only, thing that got me threw that whole situation was prioritizing my children first. Answer every single question by asking the question "what would be best for my kids". Not you, not your ex, YOUR KIDS! It sounds like that is exactly what you are already doing. Just remember and prepare yourself for the fact that it will get much much worse before it gets better. Like I said, putting my kids first got me through those times.

I'm happy to say we got back together a while back and just got engaged MONDAY! Hense the reason I always call Carolyn my wife...


First of all, thanks for all the hard work you've put into this site. It is more informative than any magazine subscription.

Since this site is so popular isn't it possible to host some more advertisements and make some money that way? Maybe enough to pay for the site costs and for your time? -Just an idea.

Good luck getting through this rough point in your life.


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Thanks for the support and offers everyone.

Things are actually going pretty well for me. I'm convinced I've chosen the right path for my situation and I don't have any regrets. The worse part was the two weeks after I initially left the house which was the two weeks prior to the Moab trip. That trip helped snap me back into shape though.

I came from a broken home and I've promised to keep as active in my kids lifes as ever before. I still help coach their sports, take them to basketball games and do lots of stuff with them on the weekends I have them (every other weekend). Hour for hour I bet I spend as much time with them now as ever. I've always been involved with their lives and have every intent on keeping it that way. They seem to be adjusting just fine.

I also appreciate the monitary offers but I don't think that's necessary. I've put a few sponsors on the site, Amazon and Barnes and Nobel. I've received a few small checks from Amazon (two for 25 bucks). It's the time commitment I'm having trouble with for now. Ideally I'd spend time gathering more sponsors. But then I'd even be more commited to keeping the site current and on the forefront.

I hope to have some free time over the holidays to bring things back up to date. I know many of you want a YZ250 forum and that will be my first new forum. I'll stay true to big blue. I hope to follow with KTM 4 stokers.

I do promise I won't pull the plug on the site. It's too much fun.

I know Mitch will be disapointed to hear that I didn't end my marriage to come out of the closet. :)



I don't ever recall hearing Mitch say you had to end your marraige to come out of the closet.

Ditto to everything that has been said already.

Next time your in Northern Ca let us know - beers, riding, bench racing. Not necessarily in that order.


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