zip-TY magic plug

for all of us that are worried about metal particles floating around in our motors, call Ty davis's mom at 1-800-854-4691 ( They have a magnetic drain plug that will hold up to 4 oz. of metal. (More than one cam shaft!!) :) they do not list the plug on the web site, but they sold me mine for 17.95.

CHEAP INSURANCE!!! it is nice to know that ANYTHING magnetic in the motor will stay put until I remove it. Even better is that there was almost nothing on it the last oil change. :D RIDE FAST! TAKE CHANCES!

Ty's website has a "super strong" magnetic plug also and I think it is $16.95. Not much savings, but it all helps! Keep Roost'n!


Life is nothing but a game.... he who has the most fun wins!

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