Oil for 20F Riding

I did some searching for "winter oil" and "cold oil" here on TT and I didn't get a lot of specific information back, so I figured I would ask here.

I'm going to be riding in 20F-25F weather for the winter (hard use, lots of full throttle pulling with the Mountain Horse) and wondered what a recommended oil weight would be. Currently I'm running Yamalube Semi-Synthetic 10W-50. The bike will be seeing LOTS of hours this winter so I would like to buy oil at more than a quart or two at a time. My plan is to change the oil every 10 hours without exception and change the oil filter every other ride.

Suggestions? Also, can I get away with changing the filter every other ride or should I change that every ride as well? Any good place to buy 10 filters at a time and bulk oil would be great. My dealer is killing me over these prices.

You can find filters cheaply at places like Rocky Mountain, ebay, etc.. And as for oil, I'd just use whatever the manual recommended for that temp. I'd look it up for you, but my manual is with my bike and not nearby. Have you rejetted for the temp? Maniac

I'm currently trying to work out my jetting. The problem is the temperature, but I think we got it figured out now. I would just like to find some oil that works for what I need and doesn't cost an arm and a leg like Yamalube does. I'll buy bulk of whatever works. I'll end up doing at least 20-25 oil changes this winter.

That Mountain Horse set up is sweet! Wish i could afford one. Anyone know of a used kit for an 06' WR for sale? Living in Michigan and doing snow removal, I only get a few weekends a year to ride in the snow, but i'd love to convert mine.

Used ones will be available at the end of the season most likely. Timbersled is sold out for the rest of the season already and used ones are pretty hard to come by. It's no wonder why.... they are unbelievable to ride.

We just need more snow around here.

If you don't go stainless I'd do an every other change on the throw-away filters, as others have alluded to. I usually go one weight lighter for cold winter riding but you mentioned a lot of full throttle hard running. If the bike starts easily in the cold I'd run my usual.

Amsoil, Spectro, and I think a few others are brewing 0w-40 synthetics for ATV's and 4 stroke snow machines that are JASO MA certified. I've run the Spectro in my WR without any problems. The only thing I've noticed is that it seems to break down a little faster than the 15W-50 synthetics I use in the summer. Usually go 500 miles between changes in the summer or when the tranny doesn't shift quite as smoothly.

5w-40 Rotella Syn, (blue bottle) is readily and affordably available at wal-mart

5w-40 Rotella Syn, (blue bottle) is readily and affordably available at wal-mart

And put some anti-gel in your gas tank:bonk:

I have been using 0-30W rotella or mobile for 3 years now. Coldest I ride is -25C. At that temp bikes OK, rider is the one that breaks. I have a 2moto kit, its great but the mountain horse is better in the deep.

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