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2000 TTR 125 Kickstart Problems

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So I pulled my TTR 125 out for a ride after about 7 months of sitting in my garage and rode like it was running out of gas, bogging down and lurching no matter how hard/light you were on the throttle. I figured it was a dirty carb problem and ran some carb cleaner through it. I forgot to check the oil afterwards (rookie mistake...) and after riding it for about 3 blocks it dies with a loud *chiink* while riding. It wouldn't start so I rolled it back to my house where I put oil in it and got it to start with the choke up. Now I'm getting some crazy friction on the kickstart, like it will sieze up on one kick but on the next do just fine. It will start and idle with the choke up but about 30 seconds after you actually start riding, even with the choke up, the bike dies more suddenly than a bike has ever died on me. Did I damage the piston by running it on low oil? Also, why is it dying while riding?

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