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Factory race bike with Power Now?

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I just found some old pics of Stephane Chambon's Wagner Motors DRZ race bike that he competed with at the Guidon D'Or.

If you look closely at the bell mouth of the carb, you'll notice it has what looks like a Scary Fast Power Now.

Any thoughts? I'm not looking to buy one and I'm not looking to change anyone's opinion, but I'm still confused as to whether or not these things or the Flo Commander's actually do anything.

I know it's been asked MANY times on here, each time with conflicting opinions. But with this new insight, would anyone consider trying it if you weren't considering it already? Just curious.



Either way, this bike looks wicked and has some really unique features. I more or less just wanted to share the pics. :smirk:

The items that stand out, to me are the WP suspension and that exhaust. It looks like it has the same bend at the header and the same dimensions as an RS3 system, but it's Titanium. Uber cool. The website I got these from said that with a big bore, porting, cams, valves, pipe, and a 41mm FCR, Chambon's bike put out 50hp. That sounds about right. :bonk:

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50Hp can be had with just a 39FCR, Big bore, cams. No porting, no valves.

Because the picture is so grany, it is impossible to identfy what is red on the carb bell poosibly just an anodized adapter.

The PN insert into the carb all the way against the slide. They make the carb smaller, so if... he had one, it reduced that 41 down to probably 37mm. What they do is enhance the vacuum signal at smaller throttle openings. However, that is exactly what the AP does. The devices are popular because a person with no tuning ability or available tuner can install them and compensate for a lack of proper carb setup.

Flow commander similarly is designed for people who are unable to properly set up a carb. It is better than nothing for them.

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any gain ive seen from them was simply a by product of altering the jetting in the correct direction on jetting setting that was off with out it.

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Converted to English.....

The DRZ 400 view



The mechanics for the Wagner family is an atavism, as the grandfather in 1947 founded a workshop for turning, milling and machining various Girmont to the outskirts of Epinal. This workshop, taken by the father of Jean Christophe, and where his brother Stephen, is the basis for the development of DR 450. The room quite small, about the size of a room where food is prepared, is also installed Girmont. In the meantime, in Chavelot (15 km away), in his concession Suzuki, we met Jean Christophe Wagner.

" I started very young motocross with my twin brother. At first Dakar Suzuki in 1988 Jean Christophe said, I was the engineer of Gaston Rahier: big responsibility, and 19. In 1990 I did my first Dakar on a motorcycle factory, still in the team Gaston Rahier. I ran 3 Dakar Suzuki and Cagiva. In 1993, with Sima, I took care of David Frétigné for 2 years. David was the Championship of France Enduro and was champion of France. It was also the world championship, but I did not have time to follow these events.

At that time, I was riding well in this discipline, and then I completely stopped in 1994 after a 900 Cagiva Dakar. In 1995, my brother, who continued the motocross was launched in France Supermoto Championship. The first year he has made ​​great results, and then I had the opportunity to take care of Boris Chambon in 1996. It was three times champion of France Supermotard with us, and my brother, Stephen, won the title of Vice Champion of France in 1998 . "

"The DR450 has been constructive in DUPLICATE and the other is already sold "

Basically, I went to a DR 400 Enduro, which is limited in competitiveness, when compared to a Honda CRF that is already 450 cm3. But that's not all. In Supermoto, the circuits change completely from one race to another. To Carole, for example, you need a motor that runs strong because there are large stretches. By cons, on small karting tracks or parts of land difficult, it takes a little chest and a little more traction. I think that Supermoto, it is an engine that is good everywhere, which is not easy to do. However, it is only with the DR 400, it was this character engine. It's safe and takes turns. And it explains, the Honda 450 with a bore of 96 mm original, is explosive in the towers, but not much of a recovery, and not much torque. With the DR 450 cm3, we have a smaller piston, with more running, and therefore, we are better placed

To compete in Supermoto, it was necessary to further displacement. 3 years, the Suzuki rolled with a cylinder bored to 93 mm (90 mm original 400cm3) therefore 425 cm3. This solution was very reliable, but it was virtually impossible to move to a larger bore to reach the 450 cm3, due to the cylinder itself, as JC Wagner explains: "4 mm higher than the rating original, it does more, the aluminum of the cylinder is limited in thickness, and the bike heats up, the cylinder expands too much relative to the piston and the oil we consume. "

2M M and more

The first change, after the passage in 93 mm, was to machine a shaft off-center pin of 2 mm. By adding 2 mm, increases the total travel of 4 mm (66.6 against 62.6), and the engine then goes to 452.18 cm3.

The solution is fast enough to implement, since it keeps the crankshaft of origin. A Girmont, of course, everything exists to perform the operation. JC Wagner is then treated crankpin axis by specialists.

Unfortunately the treatment does not take two hours, pieces of metal to escape across the cylinder and the pistons are rolled, the engine is destroyed. he decided to abandon this solution and keep the original pin. The two journals and the masses are machined from a block of hardened steel 42CD4. The new crankshaft is reassembled to the press with the crank, connecting rod and bearing the original, and still runs on bearings 400. "We did not need to weld the crank pins, like the Husky for example, where the axis of 30 mm in diameter reached to turn." Here, with 35 mm in diameter, the pin does not move. The solution is ideal, because the piston pin up 2 mm, we can keep the height of the cylinder: no need to change the studs and the distribution chain.

The piston with its axis 2 mm above is achieved by Bihr Racing. The first cylinders were bored treated Bihr Racing. But these treatments very tender, types F1, with virtually no friction, did not hold. The problem of DR is that the rod has a lot of angle. Thus, the thrust on the wall is strong as to destroy the coating. As a result, the cylinder is now receiving treatment Nikasil standard, which is welcomed.

In terms of lubrication, not much to say. The engine retains all the bearings, connecting rod and crankshaft. The oil pump does not change. Receiver side, the ducts are reviewed, but the rooms are identical, such as valves, moreover, that the springs are just harder. The compression ratio is higher (13: 1), but there is no problem of detonation. The camshafts are Yoshimura trade. "Trees of origin of the DR are already very well, says Wagner, but if mid-range and high speed can scratch a little, one or two horses, it counts, especially on small cars."

While the ignition is standard except the shoemaker Yoshimura, which provides a break higher: 11 000 r / min against 10 400 r / min. NGK Spark plugs are 2-electrode.

The carburetor is a Keitin FCR 41. "It's now, says Wagner, who is the best fuel ... before the injection." After testing different models of exhaust, a titanium Yoshimura tri oval was selected.

Rotronics spent on the bench of the concession, the 450 develops 62 hp at 10 000 r / min, with a very flat curve, to conserve power until the break. The couple is 5 mkg at 6500/7000 r / m.

For the chassis, the preparation is much more classical. The original frame receives a fork and a White Power shock absorber factory with ties that alter the wheelbase and hunting. The wheels are standard Excel 17 inches, and the Brembo front brake. The rear shock White Power is equipped with a spring 6 cm shorter than the original, an aluminum sleeve to compensate for the difference. Because we do not need large deflections, this solution saves 500 grams!

Finally, the reservoir behind the CD is too cumbersome, JC Wagner made a Sunday and Monday a tank with aluminum, which has again to scrounge a little weight. The driving position is lower, but the seat is original. The dry weight of the machine is 114 kg (119 kg of origin).

Soon 500 A

The 450 ran six races since October, two more training sessions. In the fifth, the engine was opened "to see." We simply changed the segments. The reliability is there and it remains to go further. An evolution in 500 cm3 is scheduled later in the year 2003, which will impose this time, still due to the large angle of the rod with the cylinder, install a longer rod.

" To further increase the course, change the connecting rod, otherwise the piston pushes too hard on the front of the cylinder, and hollow wall. With the 450, it has already shifted 2 mm from the origin. To go further would require to move the cylinder. for information on the Honda 450, the cylinder is offset by 8 mm compared to the axis of the crankshaft, which can also be installed to limit short rods inertia ".


The transformation crankshaft, piston, cylinder is charged 2287 euro (about 15 000 F), from a new engine supplied by the client. To this are added the carburetor, camshafts, I'échappement. Finally, the machine costs very expensive. And as there is still a real potential for development in the reduction of the masses, but also the work of the head (eg a shift to larger valves), it will still add to the end. Recognizing that the development of a DR 450 is not intended for pilots who make up the bulk of the plateau Supermotard, Jean Christophe does not hesitate to point out:

" a lot of drivers called me to ride with the 400, but we who have already a little help from Suzuki, it does not attach the ends. So I do not want me to move me to a fight 10th place. In these cases, I say, if you want to run no problem, but you bring a budget. And then there's no one ... "

For JC Wagner, preparation is an activity that fits in addition to his work as dealer. He first made fun by allowing Steph Chambon Supermotard to ride on a Suzuki.

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was wondering about all the additional holes for the airbox also.

gotta wonder if he ran the snorkle or had it out.

as it looks like a kick only model or maybe E with kick added - same airbox.

badass bike. interesting they shortened the shock spring & used a spacer to save weight. that yosh ti is blue pretty far up. a bit further up than mine anyway.

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Wow. I missed that page. There was another page on that site where I saw ".... (50cv)..." They must have been talking about the 425cc motor.

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