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2009 crf 450 starts good cold ?

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OK Ok !!!! Don`t hammer me on this one,,,, I did search before asking ! Here`s my deal.

1. Bike starts with in 5 good kicks or so when it is below say 60 degrees out side.

2. Bike starts with in 10 to 15 good butt kickin, tirate rippin, swear fest kicks when above 60 degrees out.

3. I have boiled it down to temperature, cold out side starts great,,,, Hot out side starts like crap.

4. ANY IDEAS ??????


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Found it!!

At 68F the resistance on the ECT should be 2.3-2.6 K ohms. 104F should be K 1-1.3 ohms, and at 212F .14-.17 K ohms.

I cant find a spec in the book anywhere on the IAT. But...that doesnt mean you can test it.

If you pull it and set up your meter then warm it with a blow dryer, the resistance should drop assuming its the same type of output. The sensors modify an output signal via a thermister to ground.

If youve got a manual, the service manual...not the owners book...it'll show you exactly how to diagnose the ECT...which is probably the bad one. It gets hot and and opens up completely.

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