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Help! Rookie with DRZ 125L

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Trying to work on my little brother's 05 DRZ 125L, and screwed it up.

Fixed the choke problem, the pivot screw was loose.

It was idling a little low, so I tried to turn it up, thinking it was the same as our xr70.


I turned that little screw above "mikuni" in a little bit, and it idled the same, but did not run right at all. Tried to turn it back, and still screwed up. Been messing with it, making it worse, and now I have got it to run, but will die if you nail the gas in neutral and will die if put in gear.

First of all, what is that little screw if not to adjust the idle? what is the method to return it to where it runs right? I have not messed with anything on the bike, and it was running just fine half an hour ago.

Damn, this is embarassing.

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