WR 450 primary gear

I am doing some work over the winter on my 2005 WR450. I am trying to remove the primary gear and I am having no luck removing the nut. I just broke the tip on my Cornwell screwdriver by wedging it between the gears while trying to loosen the nut.:bonk: Anyone have any ideas on how to keep the gears from turning in order to remove the nut. Thanks

gear puller?

Use something soft instead. I like to use a penny. It'll deform enough to get bound up and stop the gears from turning. Just make sure you don't forget it!!! Maniac

Lead sinker, Motion Pro sells a nice wedge tool, or just zap it with a rattle gun.

Definitely use something soft to jamb between the gears...

I did the penny-impact wrench trick and it popped right off. THANKS

I'd say use a penny and a 2ft breaker bar. I think the penny fell out because in between the pulses of the gun it removes tension... so.. that's when it would fall out.

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