Goggle Lens Color Preference in AZ

I use Scott Goggles with a clear lens. I live in the Phoenix area where it's almost always very sunny. What goggle color do you guys recommend for this environment and why?

Hello, I also live in the Phx area and I just recently (last week) bought some new goggles so I could have some tint. I previously had a pair of Smith's but with a completely clear lens. When I got to the trail, I hated taking off my sunglasses and putting on my gear because of the Arizona sun.

So, last week I went to Cycle Gear and bought a pair of Oakley "O" frames and for an additional $3, I got a smoked lens. It is very lightly tinted, so it will still work well when there may be cloud cover (not too often out here).

I am going out the next day or so and I can't wait to try them out, they should really help with the glare.


Hey X, I have almost every color lens Scott makes and choose as needed.

Full sun- I use smoke or amber, amber seems to have better definition.

Mix sun and cloudy- amber

Overcast and cloudy- yellow or clear, I don't like the yellow if there is any sun but it's great on dark days.

I've tried the new blue lens a few times and it doesn't seem to excel anywhere but is a good all around color.

Favorites have to be amber and yellow.

A litle tip, I use 1 tearoff at all times, (practice and trails) it saves your lenses from roost, brush etc...

I live in sunny Albuquerque and have the Scott no sweat III's with the blue lenses. I didn't really like them that well at first because they are a bit dark at dusk, so I go the amber lenses which are really high contrast. Things are real sharp with the amber, but it's a bit bright in the desert. I'm growing to like the blue as time goes on since it makes things look cooler because of the color, but the contrast is not as good. I really like my Serengeti sunglasses with rose colored lenses and have been thinking of trying a rose colored lens in my goggles. They're only $6, so experimenting with different colors isn't too expensive.

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I ride in UT where the sun shines over 300 days a year and I have gone to the scott BLUE lenses. I also have the peach color and did not like them but really define stuff under the lights i have found!

The blue is hard to explain but kinda like this......... They tint the sunlight out but ULTRA define stuff Very hard to describe but I love them and will never buy anything else.



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I think F-Pilot hit it right on. My experience has been that amber lenses work best for most conditions.

I purchased vermillion (yellow/orange) lenses a while back, and thats what I've used ever since. They seem to cut the "edge" of the sunlight, while keeping it good and bright. Greens and browns are more defined. I tried the blues at the shop when I got my KTM....I may buy them as these get scratched up....it's almost like being inside an ice cube. Everything looks clear, crisp, and cold. Very refreshing to say the least.


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I would imagine that everyone has a different lens tint that they feel works for them. For me, I favor the yellow lens overall...even in bright sunlight. I find that these lens allow me to see the small bumps with great definition when I have my speed up. I tried the blue tint lately and liked them..but not as much as the yellow. Lenses are relatively cheap so try them all.

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