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WR426 Vs. YZ426 Cam Timing Pics Please?

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Here is my cam story. I was replacing some valve shims on my WR426 and while looking at the cam gear and timing chain, before taking them out to replace the shims, I noticed that the punch marks did not match up with the casing with the piston at TDC. I looked at the looked at the book that came with the bike and it showed that "E" and the "I" punch marks both lined up with the casing. So I moved the exhaust cam to match the pic shown in the book. Well I am not liking the way the bike is riding now and am not sure which cam gear I need to turn which way to get it back to the way I had it.

My current timing looks like this.


A couple questions.

#1 Did I have the WR or YZ timing to start off with? "E" punch mark off set when "I" punch mark was even with casing.

#2 What timing do I have now? Both "E" and "I" punch marks even with casing...... as per owners book.

#3 Which way do I need to move it to get it back?

#4 Does anyone have any pictures of both the YZ and WR timing.

I have looked through and searched the forum and have found a few pics but not exactly what I am looking for.

As always Thanks!

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YZ timing is the same way, timing marks lined up with the engine case. This is what they should look like...


I think the wr is set up a little different, and I remember reading the modifications list that people used to do when they first got those bikes and wanted to uncork them. You're right that one of the cams was rotates one position, but I don't remember which.

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So I am currently running my WR with YZ timing just like your picture. Can any tell me which way to rotate the exhaust cam to return it to WR timing? Once again any pics of WR timing would be greatly appreciated. Pictures are much easier for me to follow than written directions but any help would be great.

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