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1993ktm 300mxc help would be appreciated

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I just picked this up, ridden it around 2 or 3 times and it seems pretty healthy, I would ask for your suggestions/input of this

Where can i find replacement plastic, the sides are a little scuffed up (looks like a pavement drop) and Ebay only produce a piece here and there and its not much better shape

What mix should I use in the fuel. the guy said he was using like 30 to 1?

it has a fmf pipe thats missing all its springs, besides the springs are there gaskets in the fitting between the expansion chamber and pipe inlet or is it friction fit?

I know the questions are a little all over but this is greatly needed and any constructive response is appreciated

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You can get some really good info on your bike at ktmtalk.com .

Go the the oldies forum and i'm sure they can help you out with

Finding plastic for your bike. I ran 32:1 in my 1997 300 exc and

I had no problems at all.

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