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2012 300 XC 0 - 1000ft jetting?

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Typically my riding area is 200-400ft above sea level. The stock jetting is 165mj 35pj and a N2ZK on the 4th clip. Would the manuals recommendation of a 168mj 38pj and N2ZJ 4th clip be a good place to start, or should I go 170?. Break in will happen this spring as the bike is new too me. Here in Canada spring May be a little on the cool side and I dont want to run it lean during the run-in process, or at all. I'm looking for nice clean strong bottom end, and want it too pull hard up top! Are the Suzuki needles that good, heard there heeps better then stockers? The manual also suggest a premix ratio of 60:1 which sounds scary! Would 50:1 be a good balance of power to protection?

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