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Master cylinder adapter sleeve

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I am trying to make my own thumb actuated rear brake system and still want to have my foot pedal as well. Rekluse LHRB dual actuated system comes with a sleeve that replaces the master cylinder cap. Does anybody know if you can purchase just the adapter sleeve or is there another company that makes these adapter sleeves?

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what are you talking about willis?

on my Rekluse LHRB setup the master cylender has an extended "tube" sleeve? at the bottom of the reservoir - is that what you are talking about? it's all one cast piece I believe - part of the reservoir!

Maybe I need to get a picture and post it.


There you go, don't know how to imbed it, but at least it's there!

On another note, Just started planning the annual summer Motorcycle get away - so early june we will run the race car in Denver, transport it to Chicago, go out and ride western Mich for 3 days, back to race the car in chicago, then back to Michigan for another week of riding on the Mich CCC trail, yahoo - can't wait!

Let me get a picture up - so we know what the heck you are talking about!!

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Talking about the master cylinder for the rear brake so the front MC's hose goes down to the rear MC so you can use either the pedal or the lever.


I'll have to talk to you about July!!!

Ah - got cha, can't help you out there, did you call rekluse, maybe you get lucky and they sell you the piece.

July? do you have something going on? or did you misread mine - I'm looking mid june!

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