Mobil 1 ATF/Front Forks

I have read that many have tried this in their front forks with some degree of success. After discussing the matter with a friend, he informed me that road racers use to use ATF, however, the problem was that the oil weight was too inconsistent from one bottle to the next. One container might be 7.5 weight and the next might be 10 weight. Is this still a legitimate concern to take into consideration or can one feel a little more confident in a consistent weight from bottle to bottle with the Mobil 1 ATF. Also, does ATF have the same anti-foaming properties as does high quality fork oil? Just some questions rolling around in my head. Would appreciate any discussion on this topic. Thanks!


My take is that the stuff will work just fine. However, I also believe that the higher grade fork oils are better. So it's a matter of what you want from the bike and what your budget will service.

In either case, it seems to be that any fork oil of nearly any grade will not provide a top ride beyond 15 to 20 hours of supercrossing. And consider that this too depends on how sensitive you are to the ride of the bike and what you expect.


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This is a good question and one that I've never given much thought too since MX-Tech did my suspension and used this fluid. Jeremy Wilkey has a forum at and might have answers.

I will definately have to check the forum out. Thanks for the feed back guys.

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