triple clamp options with Scotts Dampener

Anyone use triple clamps other than the one Scotts offer? If I am going to have to replace my stock triple clamp in order to use the scotts dampener and have to dish out alot of coin to do so, I would like to add some style to my ride. What other clamp options are there and has anyone got colored clamps ie. blue, gold ect..... Did you change the top only or did you change both? wold the RG3's work with the scotts. I have been eyeballing the APPLIED with the blue anodized finish. I am very interested in what you TTer's are useing.

Thanks, Smoke :)

You only need replace the bar clamp to run the stabilizer, the top clamp has nothing directly to do with the damper mounting other than determine its placement due to the bar mounting position and therefore which bar clamp / stabilizer mount you will need.

Having said that, it is possible that certain aftermarket top clamps are incompatible with the Scott's, but only because they have not got 'round to addressing that particular configuration.

Hope this helps.


I cannot see how the stock top clamp can work due to the fact that 1/2 of the bar clamp (the lower part) is molded into the stock clamp itself :D. I know I did not mention it but it is in my signature that I am currently running Pro-Tapers and do not wish to change to a 7/8 bar :). also I am useing the universal bar mounts which raise the bars 1". I am however willing to lose that 1" rise if need be.

Smoke :D

I have the applied triple clamps with the blue anodized finish on my bike and they look and work great. I don't have a dampener so I can't tell you if they will work with the scotts. The odometer and wiring doesn't mount up though so you will have to figure a way to make everything fit. It's not to hard.


I cannot see how the stock top clamp can work due to the fact that 1/2 of the bar clamp (the lower part) is molded into the stock clamp itself :).

The stock clamp, any clamp, should work. Once you see how the damper mounts you will see what I mean.

Explained: the damper bolts to the bar clamp, you replace the stock two-piece bar clamp with a one piece clamp that has bosses and two threaded holes for the damper to bolt to. You just need to know the bar position relative to the stem so you can get the proper bar clamp that puts the damper in the correct position...

Scott's - Find your Bar Clamp


Thanks Hick!

I think I will get scotts triple clamp and bar mounts.

One question tho! where is you gas cap vent hose :)?

Smoke :D

I have the scott's triple clamp stabilizer combo. Works great and looks just as good! I routed my vent tube under the stabilizer.

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