fuel leaking when bike is shut off

my freind has a 2000wr400 and when his bike is shut off it leaks fuel what could be the problem.he has changed gaskets in the pepcock.

then it leaking from the petcock?

thats what i thought but no it wasnt leaking

Ahhh......yeah. I think we need more information. Such as, just where is it leaking from? With this information, we might be able to help. Maniac

sorry it is leaking from the overflow

I'd inspect needle and seat, needle may be stuck

Like newbernbears said, I'd check the needle & seat first, and then check the float height too. Make sure it's in spec. You do have a manual, right? Maniac

Or you could simply turn the petcock off when you are not riding. Amazing how many people don't do this one simple thing. If it still leaks you have a petcock anno it a carb problem like was mentioned; if not go for needle and seat and check the float height.


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The float level may not be correctly adjusted. If you go the the trouble of removing the carb to clean it, you should make sure the float level is set @8mm too.

thank you everyone i will look at everything on the carb.and report back

The o-ring that goes around the outside of the seat. They harden up over time and does exactly what you describe.

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