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Just installed new pilot, main, and air/fuel screw (Moose), how many turns?

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I have an 07 crf250x

It had a 42p and 130m

I went up to a 45p and 152m

Also, I installed a Moose air/fuel screw

I drilled 11/16ths hole in the baffle (ccc mod)

Cut a 3.5"x3" hole in the top of the airbox (ccc Airbox mod)

I ride in ATL GA, 738'-1050' & in the woods only

My question is, where do I go with the air/fuel screw? I screwed it 2 turns out from completely in as a starting point for tommrow. Does this jetting sound ok, and which way do I go from there? Is turning it in richer and out leaner? How do I know which way to turn it once the bikes warmed up and I'm riding?

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