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California Pozo hangover race 2012 info?

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Does anyone know where I can get info on the 2012 Hangover race that is held at Pozo every January? I checked the CCMA site and it doesn't make any mention of a 2012 event nor on the AMA D36 site. My buddy and I are semi-interested in entering being that we ride there often. Neither of us are racers, but after riding a few poker runs and the LA-Barstow-Vegas event last month, we are looking to step up to something a little faster paced.

Another reason that I ask is that we have a large group that wants to camp at Pozo for new years (less than 1/2 will have bikes along with a few 4x4's), but it might be best to hold off if the race will be on the same weekend.

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Although not stated, I believe it is on for Jan 1st.

This from Robert Breese....

Still need more volunteers to help out for the hangover ride.

Talk to your friends, family, who ever. If you are interested please contact Dennis Law at 805.801.8829, Bruce Whitcher at 805.459-7111 or Me 459-9253.

Hangover Ride info.

CCMA Membership fee -$35.00, Seniors -20.00, Family - 50.00

Barbeque fee. $10.00

Ride starts 11:00am

The start will be in groups of 10 riders at a time.

Each group will start 10 seconds apart.

The number you received at sigh up will be your starting group. (Group 1= 1-10 Group 2= 11-20 Group 3= 21-30 etc.)

Each group will line up facing burn out trail.

Trail will be marked.

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I know its a lil late, but info is always on centralcoastmoto.com. The race is free, usually 2 laps depending on time, possibly 3 laps. 99% of the time it is on Jan 1st unless its too wet.

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