Valve Adjustment on a wr450

Ive read alot about valve adjustments but I couldnt tell if it was specificly on the 450. Has anyone done this yet? I have 800 miles on mine and figure it is due for a valve adjustment. I was gonna bring it to the dealer but Ive heard so many horror stories about the delaers making the nikes worse than when they showed up. Does anyone have the time or feel like giving me a detailed descripton of the valve adjustment procedure. Or if not then maybe just some pointers or things to look out for. If not I understand. Anyway happy riding. Take care, D :)

im looking into this, i just had the dealer do it and the bike starts first kick cold :) but when i switch over to the yz camshaft im going to adjust the valves my self, basically all im going to do is follow the manual just when i put the camshaft back in im going to use assembly grease on the journals so it doesnt run dry and mess everything up, but other than that it looks like addition and subraction with the shims :D

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