08 wr 450 refuses to start when cold

ok i have searched and searched and i cant seem to find anything that really matches the issue that im having. the bike has about 50 hours its been un corked and jd jetted and a twin air filter installed. my issue is that when the bike is cold (the first start of the day) it refuses to start. i hafto run the e start for maby 3 minutes (in short bursts) before the bike starts to pop and then eventually if starts. my starting routein is choke and no throttle. the previous owner said it would foul a plug everytime if you even touched the throttle when starting it. i havent tested this because i dont care to ever have to change a plug on this bike again. anybody else have this issue? thanks

To start my 04 cold I put on the choke...give 5 full twists to the throttle and hit the estart with the throttle closed.

Works for me and never fouled a plug.

Try it once and see....and I share your aversion to plug changing on the WR. On my buddies Husky 450 the plug is 100% accessable without touching anything on the bike...now thats what I call proper design.

Three twists of the throttle for me, with choke on, and the bike fires almost instantly every time. The previous owner didn't know what he was doing, or he simply mis-informed you. Maniac

well i just went out and tried starting the bike exactly as described. hit the throttle 3 times choke on. less than 2 seconds on the e start and she fired right off :bonk::thumbsup::banana::smirk: thanks guys. cant believe all of the last 6 months i have been thinking my bike was messed up lol.

Gas on, choke on, 3-5 full throttle squirts.. tickle the starter, and ~3sec later, vroom!

Mine can be a PITA to start when below 40 degrees. I changed to a flexible fuel screw so I can tweak it, and it got better. I use the same drill as above, and usually try kicking it first. If it is taking a fit, then I use the estart.

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