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11 TXC 511 ride

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I traded in my 09 TE 510 for an 11 TXC 511 and can tell whoever is thinking about making the switch that it is worth it! The TXC is smoother, handles better and doesn't wear me out like the TE did.

For the riders out there who are tall (I'm 6'7" 260 with riding gear) this bike sits up the tallest. I can understand why there are a lot of issues with it being too tall because I haven't had to re spring it yet because the stock suspension is great. The 510 would beat me up after several hours but the 511 is so much easier to ride that I can go further without wanting to rest every hour.

The TE drove me nuts with all of the vibrations but it did make more power than the 511. Maybe once it is broken in it will do better but still has plenty of power. The motor is much smoother on the 511 until the revs get up there but again haven't revved it too much because it isn't broken in. Isn't as loud as the 510 either. Have the Akro installed and the power up kit. Can't ride it on the road but am working on that.

The bike is a little wider at the pegs and narrower at the seat making it easy to grip it with your knees.

The CTS is great, digs in and makes climbing much easier than with the 510. Someone said it was hard to wheelie but it is not hard at all. Not as loopy as my buddy's Husaberg.

I can honestly say that the 511 is better than the 510 in every way, at least so far.

Hope this thing has great long term reliability because it's an outstanding bike. Needs taller bars and lower pegs but that's because I'm tall.

I nearly bought one of these back in May but am glad I waited because it is now $2500 less than in May.

The TXC makes more sense than the TE because you get the better fork and Akro exhaust. Anyone know how I can put a headlight an taillight on it so I can (try) get it street legal?

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