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XR250r......Price Check?

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I'm thinking about selling my 4 stroker, air cooled 1990 XR250r, comes with Title and Users Manual and curious what a reasonable price would be to ask? I am in no rush to sell so I don't want to try and sell quick and at a low price.

It starts, runs and drives well, no issues. See video at:

Only thing it has is stinky smoke on cold starts for about 1 minute and then no smoke for the rest of the day.

New Michellin rear tires, brakes, oil and filter, plug, etc.....

Let me know.


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Just remember that bike is like 21 years old . It's worth whatever some one will give you for it. I sold a 91 last summer, completely stock for 1100 but that guy wanted it real bad. Put a price on it and let ride on CL and see what happens, people responding to the ad will let you know. If they want to come look at the bike your price is in the right spot. If they all call and want to know what your willing to take , it's probably to much. The three P's for selling a bike on CL are----- Phone #, Price, Nice Pic's. Good luck

Try this link, good place to keep an eye on.


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