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ok so i just built a drz-143 with a tb143 kit and 55mmstroker crank also have a mikuni vm26mm carb (stock exhaust) i do have a fmf 4.1 on its way hope to have it in this week... but my problem was i put the motor on the bike started fine but has a slight pop threw the exhaust and it would bog at high rpms so i took out the

(190) main jet that came in the carb and went with a (180) same problem so i went to a (160) no more bogging but the bike has flat spots in the power band and still poping threw the exhaust at idle also it only boggs when u just pin the throttle from idle ive moved the clip on the needle to each slot and same result.... could this just be from the stock exhaust restricting air flow??? also the spark plug was new so i road it for about 30 min and its black not grey so maybe its rich as well??? please help !!:bonk:

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