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TTR 125L carb swap jetting question

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Hello all, I'm new here and I recently purchased an '02 ttr 125l and am looking into eventually doing the BBR big bore 150 kit. I was looking into going ahead and getting a mikuni carb (VM26 I think?) from an '81-'01 yz80 and installing it. I've already modded the airbox and punched out the stock muffler rejetted the stock carb to 17.5 pilot & 115 main jets with decent results. I know I will need the bigger carb after doing the big bore kit, but in the mean time I was thinking of doing the carb swap with a pod filter. my question is if anyone with experience has done these setups and if so what jet sizes, needles, and slides were used on these different setups that way I have a decent starting point as far as getting it dialed in. thanks in advance.

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