10 450 cutting out (random STILL)

Nope. I think a plugged injector wouldnt be so intermittent. I did take it out and check for debri in it and ran some injector cleaner thru it. It didnt change.

Then my second place to look would be for any wires that have rubbed bare amd might be touching the frame.

Ya. I've checked that too.

Is it possible that the fuel tank/fuel pump is hitting the valve cover when you land hard and therefore causing an interruption? I know that kawasaki had their fuel pumps breaking when riders would land hard and the pump would hit the valve cover. Might check to see if there has been any contact.

There have been issues reported (2 or 3) on the '10 models with the fuel pump failing either intermittently or permanently as a result of hard landings. It's unclear whether the tank actually hits anything or not, but some pumps have quit because of it. If you can find a way to tie a pressure gauge into the system and set it up so as to be readable while you ride, it should prove to be instructive.

Thanks for the input. Unfortunately it may be Spring until I get this resolved. I have my ice tires on waiting for the water to freeze and I dont think the problem is going to occur on the ice.(to smooth) Hopefully my buddy will let me borrow parts from his bike for testing. I will update if when I get this resolved

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