HELP! Dr D hotstart fused into carb!

I noticed my Dr D hotstart lever wasn't working last weekend so as I tried to take it off the carb but the plunger is stuck. I loosened the cable enough to peek in there and saw that there is something that has practically glued the hotstart plunger into the carb. :D Has this happened to anyone else? Any ideas how to get it out? I have already sprayed some carb cleaner in there but that hasn't helped :) I'm at a loss and I don't want to break the carburator.

It's pure marketing and product design genius by Dr. D! See, the only product available to "unstick" the Hot Start plunger is "Dr. D's Hot Start Plunger Lube". After application, however, you'll need to purchase the "Dr. D's Carb Cleaner" to get the pluger lube residue out of your carb. A couple of week's later, you'll most likely notice some gunk in your airbox...which an application of "Dr. D's Airbox Cleaner" will surely cure (a side effect of the carb cleaner).

Other products by Dr. D include (in order of probable use):

Dr. D's Air Filter Cleaner/Oil

Dr. D's Seat Cleaner

Dr. D's Riding Pants Detergent, and finally

Dr. D's Butt Powder.


On a serious note, sorry for your troubles. Sounds atleast like you're getting in some riding! Better than I'm pulling off myself...dont have many problems at all with your bike when it's just sitting there in it's cozy little trailer all the time! :D Getting some invitations to go riding, but this working out of town stuff is more than affecting my weekend activities, and I'm always having to say 'no'...

Get your problem fixed and keep on a truckin' I'll be living vicariously through you.


$#!* I should've known! He's a mastermind at marketing! :D It sounds like I'll be able to get the problem fixed soon, but I'll be out a Dr D hotstart lever since I broke it in the process.

It's starting to cool down pretty fast out here. Looks like the riding season might end a little sooner than last year. That sucks about all work and no play. You ought to move back out here, we could start up our own motorcycle business...Wicked Larry's Performance Cycle :D, carb tuning, repair, restore...basically anything to do with motorcycles. Screw the real jobs, I wanna fun job where I can play around with motorcycles all day! :) Now to just get some money to start this up :D Any investors out there?

Hi Wicked_Crash,

This has happened to me once. I used WD-40 and it ended up coming right out. Dirt gets down under the collar of the thingie, ya know what I mean? Under the cap that tightens the plunger to carb.


Call them up and tell them what happened, they have killer customer service. More than likely they will send you a new one.....

LOL Count me in, Wicked! Now we just have to sit back and wait for our funding... :)


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