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2001 Husqvarna SM610s carb settings

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This is a bit long winded, but thought best to give you all the info on what I have done.

I just purchased a 01 Husqvarna SM610s with supermoto and enduro wheels. Purchased as a project bike as it was hard/none starting bike.

Guy I purchased the bike off ran the bike a few months then it started acting up. He took it to a husqvarna dealer and they talked him in to refreshing the engine which they did. He picked up the bike, rode it home and filled it with gas. Parked it up for a few days and went to start it again and nothing.

So he spoke to another husky dealer and they suggested a new CDI unit which seemed to cure it for a few weeks. Sat for a few days and NOTHING. So he decided to take the carb off and clean it. Put it back on and left it.

This is where I came in. Guy got sick and tired of it, with his job as a paramedic, he got no time to play/repair. So he put in on ebay and I got suckered.

Went and fetched it and was methodical with my approach. Checked fuel and fuel was fresh, Fuel was getting to the carb. Pulled the spark plug and checked for a spark. Had a spark but it was very weak (bearly visible). Replaced the coil, plug and cap for new as cheap option.

I spent 2hrs looking for the relevant specs for the stator etc and found the exciter coil was out of spec. Was giving a ohm reading close to spec, but output voltage during cranking was 4.8v. Sent the stator off for repair. Came back 3 days later and installed. Getting a better spark but could be better so tested voltage again from stator and got 18 - 20v during cranking. Voltage out to coil was 16v, so concluded the CDI is faulty.

Priced up a NEW cdi from husqvarna and had a heart attack. Managed to get one at a reasonable price from someone in europe but gonna take time to come so I decided to have a play.

I purchased a dirt cheap cdi off a Lifan 150 which is an 8 pin cdi and a wiring harness (just for the cdi plug). I cut the plugs off my OEM cdi and grafted them to the lifan plug then plugged in the CDI. Crossed my fingers and hit the start button. NICE BIG BLUE SPARK.

So put spark plug back in engine, coupled every thing up and sprayed a little brake cleaner in the the mouth of the carb to see if we could get any life out the beast. Hit the starter and got life straight away. So put the radiators back on and fuel tank. Coupled it up, pulled the choke and cranked it and it fire up straight away. Tried tickling the carb to get it to run without choke, but I am basicly pissing into the wind at the moment as I don't know if the guy has messed with the settings.

So to my question, Does anyone have a basic OEM setup for the carb that I can start with and move from there???

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