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Fox Force Chest Protector

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Has anyone tried one of these?


How is the fitment? My old Thor Quadrant is beat down. I always felt like

it moved around on my too much and just had a general bulky feeling.

I've looked at pressure suits and owned one at one time, however, I don't like the forearm fitment on those. I don't like straps on my forearm, as I get arm pump too easy from them.

Roost protectors, I'm scared to go to one of them. I side-swipe trees alot and feel like I need the bicep protection. I DO like the under jersey part of wearing a roost protector.

So what I'm really wanting is a under jersey, snug fitting chest protector with bicep protection. I've looked at most every review on here and well as read 15pages of banter about 50 different models out there, and am no closer than I was before. :bonk::smirk:

Neck brace compatible is not necessary.

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