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I have read a few posts here and there on the 426 clutch, but I can't remember reading anything that I found really satisfying. My clutch pull is insane (it's like trying to ride a 1982 that's been sitting outside since 1983) I keep my cable lubed, but that doesn't seem to make much difference. I was thinking of trying a new cable and a CR perch/lever setup. Anyone have any other great ideas?

BTW - This bike is the best even with the monster clutch pull. I would however like a little more endurance out of my arms and a little quicker response time in the whoops!


I put the MSR Raptor adjustable perch on my 00 and I really like it. The only downside to me is I like to 1 and 2 finger my clutch and in order to get COMPLETE disengagment I have to pull it right up against my other fingers. I adapted to this in about 5 minutes.

$30 bucks and 10 minutes. If you decide you dont like it, its a pretty small loss.

Dave S

I have the Raptor too. Mine is the "easy thumb", about 50 bucks total. Clutch pull woes are gone now. Works great and simple to install.


Roostie - All I can say is "Try the CR perch/lever." I have been running a Moose CR perchs/levers for a couple years on my YZF's. I just bought an 01 426 and the first thing I did is chuck the stock setup. I even tried a hyd. setup and the CR stuff is way better. Just keep the cable lubed and more importantly clean and lube the lever and perch every couple of rides.

All you have to lose is $15 or so.



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Thanks for the input guys. I am going to pick up the CR stuff I think. Sounds about the cheapest. I'll let you know how it works out. I keep envisioning myself flying waaaaay higher and going waaaay faster for waaaay longer, but I'll settle for just a bit :)

Ahh...sorry, but one reason I love my Magura. Single digit, and 1/2-3/4 inch, and it's disengaged. I've used Magura hydro brakes on my mountain bike front and rear for years...only had ONE problem...I wrecked once really good, and ripped the line out. All in all, I am impressed with the KTM hydraulic clutch. :D And I know my dad's envious on his 426 :)


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Roostie, if you want to go super deluxe, get the combo clutch/comp lever from Flanders. It's a XR650R replica.

One thing that you might also consider doing along with any upgrade to your perch/lever combination is to remove the clutch shaft at the case and lightly grease it. It's very easy to remove and put back in. Just be gentle with the dust wiper/seal. I found mine to be rather dry when I replaced the clutch basket.

Thanks for the tip Boit, I am going to try that as soon as I drag my lazy butt out to the garage. I put on a Moose CR Perch and lever assembly yesterday, and although the clutch pull is noticably improved, I still am not totally satisfied. I realize that I'm never going to get the feather pull of a CR 125, but I still want a little better. The CR perch and lever made the pull smooth and consistent, and the new cable is virtually frictionless. The problem seems to be overly stiff clutch springs, or possibly the shaft just needs greasing, I guess I'll have a better idea after I go to the track this afternoon.

BTW - Yesterday I also installed a billet aluminum throttle housing and its amazing, everyone should have one of these!!!

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Roostie, where are you guys getting the Moose CR perch/lever combo from? Local dealer,internet?? I rode some tight single track yesterday and my left hand started to tire out, any better leverage would be a plus, also what cable did you replace with? Motion Pro?

Jason, I get Moose stuff from Parts Unlimited. You can't order from them directly unless you are a dealer. Most dealerships I've seen (at least in New England) have a catalog and can order from them. Hope this helps--



01 YZ426F, 99 YZ400F, 86 XR250, 76 RD400, 71

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I replaced the cable with an OEM cable and I got the Moose CR Lever/Perch combo from my local was surprisingly inexpensive. Seems to work great.

A cheap and effective Clutch Mod is to remove the lower actuator arm, cut it in the middle, add 6mm piece so metal between the two pieces and weld them back together. Also, Re-route the cable so that there is no sharp bend at the bottom of the radiator and use ty-wraps to secure it. Did this to mine and the pull is easier them some 125's.

Thanks MRMXer, I think I'm going to look into that when I get back from holidays. I would love a feather clutch pull.

Quick question - why 6mm?

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