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Needing your Help!!

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Ok so I am actually trying to dedicate my self to motocross this year, looks like I will be having me a new bike and going to have enough money to race through this whole year. So I am trying to get back into shape which is kinda hard considering that I have a heart condition and a ICD but I have talked to my doctors about this sport and they said that I could race just do not over do it and go at my own pace. So I have been going to the gym the last three days trying to get into better shape for this spring, so I have been walking and lifting weights to get into better shape. I don't know if there is any special exercise's I can do too help from getting arm pump and my legs get tired from standing up? I know that I have a heart condition some people would say not to race but I really love the sport and I am trying to do as much as my body will allow me I know that I can not lift much, but I have been doing a lot of reps with less weight. I would really appericate any ideas and I hope too improve over this winter on my physical shape.

Thanks for all replies:ride:

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