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Hi all new to this site and i need some help and advise i want to get an mx bike for track days and i have found a honda cr125 1996 for £400 its in good condition and i have asked the guy to ride it around and go through the gears as i was not dressed for the occasion (silly me) i am new to bikes i can ride but thats it as far as the mechanics go i no nothing he told me it had a full engine rebuild 2years ago and that there are no problems a littlle rust on the chain thats it the bike itself seems ok like i said good condition for its age reason he is selling is due to his sons lack of intrest as it was bought for him to ride around his fields anyway i am having doubts as the bike is old and can you still get parts whats the worst that can go wrong and whats the most expensive thing to repair i was worried if i buy it i no it will need new piston rings but what if i cant get them and i wanted to tidy it up as i could sell it later on and get myself a newer bike so what are your thoughts thanks ASH ,

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