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TTR 125 02' idles at 30 to 40% or rpm

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I really need help. I was trying to find a problem where the bike just dies of idle. I cleaned the carb and put the 17.5 pilot jet in, but when reassembled the bike now do not idle, it just revs about 30 to 40% of full revs. I can blib the throttle and it will rev from there, but settles down at the same level. I suspect an air leak, but cannot find it. The emultion tube is damaged, but I do not want to spend more money on this thing until I can figure out what is going on. Here is what I have tried so far. Any new help will be greatly appreciated:

- I have cleaned the carb multiple times and used the slides at bikebandit to make sure I put everything back in the right order.

- I have swopped the pilot back to the original.

- I have replaced all the o-rings in the carb including the bowl gasket.

- I have placed a little oil on the choke, but it looks like to it is closing all the way.

- I have replaced the clamp on the intake tube, took the tube off and replaced the o-ring between the tube and the head of the engin.

- Replaced the slide gasket.

- If I spray the carb with carb cleaner, I do not see smoke, but the bike idles higher. If I use DW40 (it has a smaller tube for more accurate spraying), I do not see any smoke and the idle does not change.

Like I said, the emultion tube is damaged, but is still straight. I figured before I buy that part, I will block the main jet off, but then the bike does not start at all. If I remove the block, the bike just revs again. It does look like the slide closes all the way. It is about 1/4 of an inch from the bottom.

I am willing to buy a new carb as well, that is how sick I am of this thing, so if anyone knows of a good kit I will appreciate it. (BBR does not recommend their carb for a stock Yamaha. The bike has a BIG GUN Race exhaust on with a stock air filter with no mods.

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Whoohoo. We got it working with lots of prayers, sweat and the great posts on Thumpertalk. It ended up being 2 problems super imposed on another. Because the emultion tube was bent, the needle did not go all the way to the end of its travel. But what further hid the problem was that the previouse owner adjusted the throttle cable to stop the slide at the very same position. I previously asked the dealer how far open the slide should be and he told me about 1/4 inch. But to his defense, I am sure if i showed him the complete carb he would have spotted the problem immediately. Looking at online photos made me realize to look at the front of the slide (engin side) where it should be 100% closed. Mine was not.

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