Anyone Ride Carnegie??

Hey All,

Carnegie and horsepower have chewed my tire to bits. I'm wondering if there is a tire out there that can handle dry, rocky, and generally ugly terrain. I don't want another 70-80 bucks to get chewed up and spit out in only 7-10 rides.



I don't have much help for you as far as durability. I have had good luck with Pirelli MT18s and MT480s, but I get 5-6 rides on a prepped mx track and that is with letting them wear longer than I like. Off road I can kill a tire in 2-3 rides depending on what I am doing. You can extend their life a little by turning them around after a couple of rides. The Pirelli's seem to grip fairly well after they are worn a bit, better than most dunlops I have tried(when they are e worn also) but not as good as new.


I know what you mean. Several years ago I raced a series there and they ran us across a river bed with rocks the size of a 25" television. I put 20 pounds of pressure in my tires and still got a rear flat.

Dunlop makes a 695 that alot of guys us in the desert here in So. Cal.. I think it is called 695AT. I don't know if it will wear any better but it has stiffer sidewalls to assist with flat prevention.


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