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a little jetting help please

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ok i have a 08 yfz 450 i was hopig to get a little help with jetting just to get me close then i can work on the fine tuning. for altitude im located in northesat ohio.. i have talked to one and he suggested a 170 main,50 pilot,50 leak, and a NDSR needle in the 4th position..


slip-on bill balance

cam mod

no air lid

will the jetting change if i throw a header on there ( or is it even worth it).

also not quite sure what the 50 leak is? this is my 1st quad don't know a bunch about them i have always been on 2 stroke bikes.. so all the help i can get would be great, thanks for the help much appreciated!!

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170 main jet, 45 pilot jet, NCVQ needle (I think), #40 leak jet... The leak jet is in the bottom of the fuel bowl, use a small flat blade screw driver to remove the old one but I think it may already have a #45 installed if so then leave it alone.

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