Green oil-------Help

Ok. I changed my oil yesterday and when I pulled the drain plug the oil was green. I know the first thing I thought of was antifreeze in the oil. If this is so does antifreeze and oil mix? There was no separation of the oil. I have a big ride this weekend and I think I have big trouble. Any one have any ideas?

What kind of oil are you using? :)

Kendall 20-50 4-stroke motorcycle oil

Have you checked your coolant level to see if it has dropped?

I'd watch out for Drew's advice. He smokes green stuff. If he asks you for a sample I'd recommend NOT sending him anything.

If you have water in your oil it'll be white or grayish and chunky... not green. (unless you're running straight antifreeze)

Also, if you're getting water in your oil, you're probably also getting oil in your water. Check for that too.

- Ryan

put some of the oil in a glass jar and shake it up. If it foams there is antifreeze/water in the oil..................

IIRC, Kendall is green colored....

Thanks for the responses. I put the oil in a container and let it sit for hours and checked it. It never separated, so I assume everything is OK. It just really freaked me out when I saw green pour out of the bike. :)

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