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Dimensions for rear wheel bearing spacer (inside hub) on '09 YZ450F

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I'm trying to build a wheel from a new OEM hub for an '09 YZ450F. I have the axle and all the bearings and seals, but I'm missing that spacer inside the hub that goes between the two races.

Does anyone have dimensions for this? I can lathe one out in a few minutes at work, or spend some extra money and wait a while for it to get ordered from who-knows-where.

Thanks in advance!

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Hey Ghill,

I took my wheel off ('09 yz450f) and popped the spacer out, here's what I got :




If there's anything else you need, let me know....


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Hey, no problem at all ! I just bought that '09 (my 2nd '09 yz450) and it's got about 3 hours on it, after I put the spacer back in I thought I may as well pack a little more grease into the bearing on the right side. So, got some preventative maintenance done at the same time.

Of course the measurements aren't exact, my caliper isn't anything fancy at all it's just a Mastercraft.. but should be more than close enough for you to build what you need.

I'm glad I could help out :bonk:

Here's hoping your buddies that were riding around Randsburg are found soon.

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