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1982 XL250R lighting

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Before we begin.... If this is in the wrong section, I apologize, I figure XL is close enough to the XR.

I bought a 1982 XL250R, $200 Sitting three years, 40K miles and last ridden by a 16 year old on a destruction path to giant rock with no respect for this old machine. (laid down hard about 5 times in 3 hours last ride before me)

Long story short, engine has great compression, I cleaned the carbereutor put some 91 in the tank, three kicks, she's ready to rip. pulls harder than I expected, hit 70 on a slight up hill grade in dirt, with a FLAT REAR TIRE! :bonk: leads me to believe it is bored.

SO..... heres my deal, The front light only works when I have the turn signal on. The high beam indicator doesnt work, even when the front light is running. tho sometimes if i hit a bump or have a hard landing it will flash like theres a short but i cant find it.... any ideas?? help me get this old girl back on the road.

I dont know about the tail light and rear signals, they're haggard and im waiting on replacements.

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