Clutch basket question

I have a friend with a 00 426 whose stock clutch basket blew up. What should be done to ensure that there are no pieces left anywhere in the engine?(all the fingers on the basket broke and knocked a hole in the outer case) Should he have the cases split, or can it be flushed without it? I was watching when it happened, and when it locked up there was a big puff of white smoke that came out of the exhaust. The motor turns freely after the basket and plates were removed, could any debris make it to thet top end also?

This is a dilemma. First of all, the oil in the bottom of the crankcase is picked up by the secondary oil pump rotor where it is pumped into the frame oil tank. I would be concerned here that small pieces of metal debris could get get caught between the rotor lobes and the housing caused this pump to fail. Even if some pieces could get past pumped forward, you could be at risk that these pieces could get caught at the bottom of the frame oil tank blocking oil flow and starving the primary pump and then there could be catastrophic failure due to lack of lubrication. I would bite the bullet and have the engine dismantled and inspected. This might be a good time to consider doing routine R&R of the piston/rings etc. Eric Gorr is a reputable engine builder who has been doing work on the 426 for some time now. If this had happened to me, I would have Gorr rebuild my engine and have it modified for the better while he was at it. He can fix some of the weak points of this design while he repairs your engine. Hope this helps.

It just occured to me that your friend might have an '00 that had a defective basket. Yamaha sold quite a few machines with the defective basket before it was discovered. You might advise your friend to contact his dealer first to see if Yamaha will take care of this problem for him. But, don't hold your breath. Yamaha will probably respond that he should have had this basket replaced long ago as this problem was widely reported. It's worth a shot.

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Thanks for the help- I believe I'll go ahead and replace my basket too after seeing that.

What does Eric Gorr do to improve on the motor?

You can contact him via his website at and ask him what he can do for your engine specifically. There is a big-bore kit available for the 426 that boosts the displacement to 440cc's, but that's not for me. He can do some head work to clean up the casting flaws and allow it to flow a little bit better. One of the best and most beneficial head mods is to have Falicon camshaft gears installed so that the cams can be degreed.

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