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Dissassemble SR250 Front Forks

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I have looked all over the internet as to a way to take out the front fork dampers. Saw people using broomsticks, spinning the allen bolt with an air wrench and other methods to hold the damper when unscrewing the allen bolt in the bottom of the fork leg.

Finally I discovered the proper wrench for this. It is a 16MM Triple Square bit. I found it in a set on Ebay. It is a drain plug tool for VW and others. Also www.ctatools.com has a 3 pc set with this.

I ordered it and it was a 1/2" drive tool. The boss of the tool was too big to go down in the fork leg.

I center punched the bit out of the 1/2" drive socket. The I butt welded it to a 5/8" solid rod. Then I welded a T handle on the other end of the rod.

It worked perfect. Will try to put pictures on here later.:bonk:

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