Baja Designs block off kit

I just purchased a Baja Designs block off kit for my brothers XR650L. It has not got here yet, but I was wondering if anyone know if it removes all of the hoses and canisters on the bike? If anyone has a pic and could send it, I would very much like to see what it looks like? Thanks in advance.


It does away with the canister, but if I remember correctly, there is one hose you plug up...I think...the real problem is the bolt in the center of the exhaust ports, it's a "gem" to get to, and tighter then s**t!. We had to grind down a metric allen wrench to install the block-off plate, I say we, because my bud has an 01', and I have an 02', and we did both at about the same time...both bikes had issues removing the bolt.

It's a easy swap with good instructions but be aware that you will need to rejett the bike Baja also sells a kit for that that works well, all well worth the time a expence to wake the beast up. :). While your on the Baja site check out the wieght savings for the 650L. :D

I installed the same on my '04 XR650L, it was an easy install. There is quite a bit of junk that you will happily get to remove. The directions are fairly good, however, having a OEM owners manual would have helped a bit to identify some of the components, especially for a non-tech like me... But, even that, I was able to get through it. No problem. Sorry I have no pics...

I put one on my 02 with good results. It was super easy, but I was a bit nervous when I set out to do it, not know ing what vacuum hose was what on the carb. It was easy to deduce the two on my bike 'cause you can trace the other hoses to see if they are overflow tubes or not. Also, you need to re-route one of the hoses from the airbox to the breather thing on top of the crankhousing. (By the way, I don't know if I'm using all the correct terms, but if it's not called the crankhousing, sorry, but I think you'll be able to figure out what I mean) Anyway, make sure you leave enough hose to re-route it without kinking it. If your bike is older you might even want to get a new piece of hosing about 16 inches long. They tend to remember their shape and they want to kink if you have to bend them the opposite way they were bent.

The vinyl caps for the vacuum tubes on the carb worked fine on one connection, but on the other I had to leave a little one inch piece of tubing and invert the vinyl cap into the tubing to block it off.

Good luck with it.

Thanks for all the info on the Block Off Kit.... I appreciate the info... I called Baja Designs today and it should be in tomorrow... Sounds like a 12 pack and a little time is all it will take..

Thanks again


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