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is anybody using one of these?

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I fabricated mid pipes and put a pair of these on my 2003 DL1000 V-strom. (They had been purchased for another project long ago and never used). I don't have my maintenance log in front of me now but I think I have 7 or 8 disks in them and they are relatively quiet when freshly packed with fiberglass but get to loud to quickly as the glass deteriorates. Also the inner core that the glass wraps around has rotted out once and been replaced with a stainless perforated core as a replacement was not available from Supertrapp. On my list for this winter is to replace these with a pair of GSXR mufflers off of ebay, I have done this mod on my DR-650 and love the sound, quiet yet nice!!!!!!!! And best of all it is maintenance free!! Check out MXrobbs web sight.

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