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XR400 Fork Seal Replacement, Suggestion?

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Im about ready to replace the seals that are leaking on the XR400. This will be my first seal replacing on it. Any suggestion and tooling or thing I need to watch for or replace why im in there? I have not seen much info on the 400's, the 250's ive seen s few good threads. Also Ive read some where about revalving the forks. Is this something I need to look into? Thanks for any tooling info and help.

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Before you go tearing down the forks for a leaking seal, you know about the business card trick to clean away any grit that might be making it leak, and have tried that already, right?

If you don't have a shop manual to go by for this endeavor, download this one.


You're going to have the forks apart enough that you can do the shim stack mod on the bottom bolt if you want to. It's easy enough and makes a hi speed damping much better. Use the search function to find the procedure.

Be sure you use some Saran Wrap or the like, over the end of the fork tube before sliding on the new seals, so as not to damage the seals.

You can make a seal driver out of a piece of appropriate i.d. PVC pipe.

You can also make a fork oil height adjuster out of a turkey baster.

Use the search function here to find info on all these suggestions.

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