2010 is slow to start after warming up

My 2010 only has about 25 hours on it and has been a great bike. I am now riding a little more frequently (had knee surgery earlier this year) and getting more of a feel for it. Lately it has been starting up on the 2nd or 3rd kick when cold, but when the engine is hot it takes sometimes 10-15 kicks. Is this normal? Could this be indicative of valve wear issues? I haven't checked the valves yet; I probably ought to soon just to be safe.

You'll think this is weird, but try pulling the cold start knob on it when starting hot one time, and see what happens.

my mates is a biach to start when hot too.

hot start does help :bonk:

yep use the knob or:

put in N and crack throttle very slightly and it will fire right up. It work in gear too but not as easy. Be careful it may kick you back!

also set your idle to 2200 min mines at 2400 starts much easier and may not have to use knob or throttle.

crack the throttle about a tiny bit, hold it at that spot. don't "pump it" or move it at all. It will start up 1 to 2 kicks every time. If that dosn't work get a programmer and put the woods map on it. starts alot easier

Thx everyone, will try this weekend.

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