04 wr 450 engine removal?

just picked up an 04 wr 450 with a blown motor, have torn the bike apart to get the motor out and everythings unplugged and unbolted...except for the one bolt centered under the motor. couldnt get onto the nut as the oil line was in the way so thought id take off the skid plate to get at it but all the bolts for the skip plate stripped and now have to drill them out:banghead: this is my first fourstroke as ive had all two strokes growing up and a little overwhelmed with all the wires and oil pipes. what is left for me to remove the motor, do i have to drain the oil then take the oil lines off? thanks for your help!!

While the engine is still in the frame it will be far easier and neater to drain the oil now. Don't forget the oil tank in the front downtube.

Call around and see if you can get a left handed drill bit. What happens is as you drill the bit will dig in and break the screw loose spinning it right out. If not then you keep drilling as normal.

Break loose any big nuts or bolts, i.e. countershaft sprocket, flywheel, clutch, etc., before you remove the engine from the frame if you plan to tear the engine apart. It's much easier to get leverage when the frame is holding the engine.

so for the oil just take out the drain plug at bottom of motor, take off dipstick and let it drain, then the pipes are good to take off? and where is the oil tank in the down tube? i didnt see it but could have just looked right over it. thanks for your help/ replies!!

There are three drain plugs; one on the bottom of the engine, an 8mm plug on the left side near the shifter and one on the tank in the frame just below the steering stem. Most of the oil will come from the tank, but you'll get some more from the oil lines, too.

Ok then to fill I put it in the dipstick? There's no other spot to fill correct?

Fill plug is on the left side by the timing plugs.

bg is right, pour it in the crankcase, front left corner of the engine. Start it, let it run a few minutes to circulate and fill the oil tank. Shut it down and check it. If you have to add to get full on the stick restart it, let run, then check it.

Ok drained the oil out the bottom of the motor and had a good stream of coolant before oil but didn't get as much oil as expected, (how much do they hold?) so took out the bolt just above the skid plate which I believed to be the tank plug from what you guys have said and didn't get a drop (don't think I stated this but the connecting rod came out the front of the jug) and so the dipstick is strictly for checking? Whenever I add I should just put it in the crankcase? Really appreciate all the help!!!!

It's a dry sump, so what's in the crankcase gets pumped to the oil tank when it's running. You shut it off and eventually everything in the tank drains back to the crankcase. Yes, the dip stick is for checking only, it's not near big enough to actually pour oil through unless you're really patient.

If full to the mark it holds 1.25 quarts of oil filter and all. Who knows how much was left after the bang.

So yes, when ever you add pour it in the crankcase. Just run it for a minute or two before checking the level cause you'll not get a correct reading without running it first.

alright thanks! may have some more questions later :bonk:

alright thanks!! may have some more questions later :bonk:

Alright thanks!!

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