Rear end chatter when braking

Just finished the break-in maintenance and started to ride my YZ426 hard for the first time. I noticed that when I braked hard the rear end would chatter. I've always braked while downshifting with the clutch out on my 2 strokes...should I be doing this on the 426? (I noticed it wouldn't chatter with the clutch in).

My chain is tightened to specs, and I'm riding on hard pack clay.



'01 YZ426

'00 Harley Police Special(Got it for free, and I get paid to ride it!)

Sounds like chain slap. With the clutch in, the back wheel will freewheel instead of having deceleration(sp) drag on it. Not a problem.


Depending on your speed, engine braking will cause chattering. When you pull in the clutch while braking, you take engine braking out of the equation. I do it.

Chain clatter it is. Don't worry about it. On the other hand don't pull that clutch in when you brake. Use the compression braking as you down shift to stop you faster than everybody else. A four stroke is heavy and a four stroke with the clutch pulled in under braking is heavy and fast. You'll have to brake twice as hard.

I've noticed this chatter as well. I've tried braking with and without disengaging the clutch and have found that using the engine braking is a better and more effective braking method. I just ignore the chatter.

I guess I must have been blessed with one heck of a good braking system on my '01 I can lock up either end if I would desire to. I also don't risk stalling itfrom the rear end locking . BTW It's the whole reason why back torque limiters were invented.They let the motor "free-wheel" more like a two-stroke under braking, instead of allowing the rear wheel to "chatter". The chain is going to "slap" from the rear end chattering. My contention is that it's simply a by-product.

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