Regular Maintenance for a Novice

Just got a 98 wr400f and have been reading the manual. The regular maintenance is daunting but I would like to take good care of the ride so I'm looking for some opinions/advice on how best to maintain the bike. Is there an info sheet that someone has put together?

Many Thanks


Thanks for your help!

Take care,


I you follow the manual exactly you would spend all day checking and maintaining your ride and have no time to ride.

Basic maintenance of tightening bolts etc lubing, fluid level checking and chainging oil is pretty easy really. You may need to invest in a few tools (Dont bad quality tools make for bad work and if you get into it then you will buy good tools anyway so will have spent even more). If you want to get into valve adjustment, engine work etc you should get yourself a torque wrench otherwise you may have problems.

The manual is excellent for step by step work on complicated areas and as a reminder on more imoportant things to maintain and frequency.

Right arm! ...thanks man.

Did the Air filter yesterday and it was easy. Will do an oil change tonight.

Take care,


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